Network 4 Blue Moon: The Best Way To Beat Burner Man

Understanding Burner Man In Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon

Defeating Burner Man in Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon requires knowledge of his tactics. He can use lava waves and boulder throws. Dodging his attacks and using Aqua or Elec chips can help take him down. Wearing heat-reducing accessories is also recommended.

Burner Man’s counter attack technique is tough to handle. Exploit his short-ranged attacks to gain control of the battle.

Originally, Burner Man was meant to be a water-elemental virus. But, player feedback changed him to fire-elemental. Knowing these details will help you beat him. Heat things up – Burner Man is going to be toast!

Preparation For The Battle With Burner Man

To effectively battle against Burner Man in Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon, it is crucial to come up with a solid plan. Without proper preparation, one can easily fall victim to Burner Man’s fiery attacks.

To adequately prepare for the battle against Burner Man in Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon, follow this three-step guide:

  1. Equip Mega Man with Fire-resisting armor and chips that can cause damage to Burner Man.
  2. Research Burner Man’s weaknesses and memorize his movements to stay one step ahead.
  3. Practice using Battle Chips that can disable Burner Man’s fire attacks and keep you safe.

It’s vital to keep in mind that Burner Man’s attacks can be difficult to dodge, but they can be countered with careful observation and planning. Understanding Burner Man’s fire patterns and knowing when to use the Battle Chips effectively is a key factor in this battle.

To improve your chances of defeating Burner Man, make sure to use Mega Man’s abilities to their fullest and focus on managing your HP. Utilize Battle Chips that can heal Mega Man and remember to dodge Burner Man’s attacks. It’s also important to keep in mind that Burner Man’s fire attacks can light up the entire battlefield, so always be prepared to move.

Why bother catching ’em all when you can just steal the best Battle Chips like a true villain?

Obtaining The Necessary Battle Chips

Prepare for a battle with Burner Man by collecting necessary Battle Chips! Get them from:

  1. The NetDealer – Check often, as selection changes.
  2. Chip Traders battles – Win rare chips.
  3. Library – Trade in unwanted chips.
  4. Mystery Data – Could hold valuable chips.
  5. Beat opponents – Earn their chips.

Get a diverse set of chips with different abilities. Some are only available with specific tasks or challenges – don’t miss out on these potential rewards.

Also, upgrade Mega Man’s stats, so no burn unit is needed for Burner Man. Get the essential Battle Chips and you’ll be ready to win the battle!

Increasing Mega Man’s Level And health

Mega Man needs to up his game if he’s gonna beat Burner Man! To be victorious, he must increase his level and health. Here’s how:

  • Snatch up power-ups to boost his overall level.
  • Fight enemies to gain experience points and upgrade his abilities.
  • Locate hidden items like E-Tanks and Beat Whistles for extra health and defense.
  • Upgrade weapons to deal more damage and defeat foes fast.
  • Use Mega Man’s special abilities, such as sliding and charging attacks, to make battles easier.

Mega Man can also find upgrades that let him dash and fly. These will help him dodge danger and overcome obstacles.

When this game was released in ’94, it was panned for its high difficulty. Players found the levels and boss battles tough. But fans embraced the challenge and loved Mega Man for it. So, by increasing his level and health, Mega Man can be ready for whatever Burner Man throws at him! Be warned, Burner Man ain’t no fan of SPF!

Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon How To Beat Burner Man

In Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon, defeating Burner Man requires a well-thought-out strategy. Here are some effective tactics to take down this fiery foe:

  1. Use freezing attacks: Burner Man’s weakness is ice-based weaponry. Use attacks like Ice Stage, Ice Cannon, and Ice Bazooka to deal heavy damage.
  2. Move to the backline: Burner Man’s fire-based attacks can only hit the front row of your battlefield. By moving to the backline, you can avoid his attacks and have a better shot at taking him down.
  3. Use electric attacks: If you don’t have access to ice-based attacks, use electric ones instead. Burner Man is also weak against electricity.
  4. Stay away from his traps: Burner Man has a tendency to lay traps that can damage you over time. Keep an eye out for them and avoid them whenever possible.

To make things even easier, consider investing in fire-resistant armor or equipping your Navi with the Aqua Soul.

For an added challenge, try taking down Burner Man without using any of these strategies! It might take some extra time and effort, but the satisfaction of victory will be worth it.

In addition, keep in mind that Burner Man’s location in the game can also affect your strategy. For example, if you’re in an arena with limited movement options, you’ll need to focus more on avoiding his attacks and less on dealing damage.

I remember the first time I faced Burner Man – I was completely unprepared and ended up getting defeated several times in a row. But after doing some research and trying out different strategies, I finally managed to take him down. Don’t give up, and always be willing to try new tactics until you find what works for you!

Who needs water guns when you have a NetNavi with ice powers? Sorry Burner Man, but it’s time to chill.

Taking Advantage Of Burner Man’s Weaknesses

When facing off with Burner Man, it is essential to spot and exploit his weak points. Use special weapons, like the Water Balloon or Ice Wall, to freeze him in place and create attack chances. Additionally, get rid of the fireworks he uses for aerial assaults. He is also vulnerable to electric attacks, which can cause major damage if you use Thunder Claw or Flash Bomb.

To beat Burner Man, dodging his moves and staying far away are critical. His flamethrowers have a restricted range, allowing you to stay out of danger while coming up with a plan. If you’d rather go in close, use the Shield Boomerang or Flame Sword as they can inflict considerable harm.

A lesser known vulnerability of Burner Man is that he can be easily distracted during battle. Entice him into hazardous territory, like pits or flaming holes, to leave him exposed to damage and capitalize on this chance.

To conclude, battling Burner Man requires taking advantage of his susceptibility to water/ice-based weaponry or focused electric blows. The best method is to evade him instead of confronting him directly, while at the same time having the right weaponry to maintain a safe distance yet still be able to strike should an opportunity present itself. You can also harm him through traps and distractions by coaxing him into hazardous areas. And remember, if Burner Man’s flames are too much to handle, make sure your Battle Chips are cold as ice!

Utilizing The Correct Battle Chips

Choosing the right Battle Chips is key to beating Burner Man. Utilizing appropriate Battle Chips shows some effective ones like Cannon, Shotgun, Fire Hit, Aqua and Recov300. These can easily overcome Burner Man’s attacks.

It’s also important to dodge his fiery blasts as they deal major damage. Use Barrier and Invis to shield yourself from them. Keep moving and attacking him when possible. But, be cautious not to get caught in his flame carpet attack.

Burner Man first appeared in Mega Man Battle Network 2 and became a popular villain among gamers worldwide. You can’t just bob and weave like a boxer against him, or you’ll end up as crispy as bacon.

Dodging Burner Man’s Attacks

If you want to beat Burner Man, you’ll need to be able to shield yourself from his attacks. Here are five strategies to help:

  1. Stay moving to confuse him.
  2. Time your dodges when he uses his spinning fire move.
  3. Take advantage of the terrain by using cover and knowing its layout.
  4. Stay back – his flamethrower reach is limited.
  5. Arm yourself with upgrades for added defense.

Remember: Burner Man is weak against water-based attacks. So, if you have weapons or moves of this type, they will cause him major damage – even if you don’t hit him directly.

For the best chance of success, make a plan that takes into account all these details. Now you’re ready to take on Burner Man – just stay cool and use these strategies!

Tips For A Successful Battle Against Burner Man

Burner Man in Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon can be a challenging opponent to defeat. Here are some effective strategies to ensure a successful battle.

To beat Burner Man, follow these 3 steps:

  1. Use ice-based chips to counter Burner Man’s fire attacks and reduce his mobility.
  2. Stay on the move to avoid Burner Man’s fire attacks and use a distance-based approach to hit him.
  3. Exploit Burner Man’s weakness to the Aqua element by using Aqua-based chips.

Ineffective tactics against Burner Man include getting too close to him and using fire-based chips. Staying on the move is key, and using area-grab chips can allow for more movement.

One suggestion is to use a wide-spread chip to hit Burner Man even when he is moving. Another suggestion is to use a chip with a continuous effect to deal damage over time. These strategies work because they allow for consistent damage to be dealt, even if Burner Man is dodging attacks or using his own.
Timing is everything in battle, especially when facing a hot-headed opponent like Burner Man in Network 4 Blue Moon – better make every attack count.

Timing And Accuracy Of Attacks

Timely and precise attacks are key to defeating Burner Man. Anticipate his movements and use well-timed assaults for efficiency. His fire drains health, so use timing wisely to save resources.

A surprise aerial attack when he’s unaware offers a chance for maximum damage. But watch out for his dodges and flames! Melee techniques can be effective too – just make sure you act quickly.

Accuracy beats forcefulness. Use tactics to win without wasting resources. Precision is key to success against this flame-edged foe. Don’t miss a chance to level-up your skills with calculated execution.

Start hoarding chips like an ex’s number – you never know when you’ll need a favor in battle!

Preservation Of Battle Chips For Later Use

In the world of Battle Chips, strategizing to keep them for later use can be a game-changer. Here’s how to make sure you always have the right ones when it matters:

  1. Figure out your current situation and decide which chips are essential for upcoming battles.
  2. Pick what chips to save and store them in an ordered way for future use.
  3. Label your chip organizing system and track what is being saved and why.
  4. Don’t save too many at once – only store what’s needed, as hoarding can lead to lack of preparation in future battles.
  5. Keep an up-to-date record of all stored chips to avoid confusion or repetition.
  6. Carefully examine the condition of each chip since some may weaken with time or overuse.

Plus, preserving rare or difficult-to-obtain Battle Chips can hugely help your arsenal for later. Be aware that this Battle Chip Preservation Process should be a continuous habit and not a one-time chore.

Pro Tip: Always think of which chips could possibly be useful in the long run – pre-preservation saves you from franticness during important gameplay moments.

To succeed, mastering Mega Man’s skills is the key to triumph, since Burner Man has no chance against a robot with laser-firing arms.

Utilizing Mega Man’s Special Abilities

Use Mega Man’s special abilities to outsmart Burner Man and come out victorious! Here are five tips to get you started:

  • The Firestorm weapon is very effective against Burner Man.
  • Rush Jet lets you dodge attacks and move fast.
  • Ice Wall weapon gives you a temporary shield.
  • The ThunderBolt weapon helps you attack from a distance.
  • Team up with Duo to make a powerful combo.

Keep an eye on your health bar for optimal gameplay.

Pro Tip: Keep switching between abilities to stay agile and outmaneuver Burner Man. Plus, a Net Navi with icy powers can help you beat the flames!

Recommended Net Navi Allies For Defeating Burner Man

In the battle against Burner Man, here’s some guidance on which Net Navis might be helpful in taking him down.

  • Heat Style Mega Man: Since Burner Man is a fire-elemental Navi, Mega Man in Heat Style mode will be resistant to his attacks.
  • Battle Axe: This attack chews through obstacles and can hit multiple times, making it effective against Burner Man’s speedy movements.
  • Bee Team: Since Burner Man is weak to Elec-based attacks, Navis like ElecMan and MagnetMan can be valuable allies in this fight.
  • Repair Programs: It’s crucial to keep Mega Man’s health bar full, and Repair Programs can restore him to full health in a pinch.
  • Barrier: Burner Man has strong, quick attacks, so it’s wise to use Barrier to give Mega Man some breathing room and avoid getting hit.

If possible, aim to take down Burner Man with style points – this will earn extra Battle Points and help with getting better rewards for your exploits!

Who needs a gym membership when you have GutsMan to lift your spirits (and your opponents) in Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon?


Navi is a muscular, robust assistant who helps Megaman in difficult tasks. He can break through obstacles and defeat bosses with his special ability, ‘Guts Punch’. This power enables him to knock down enemies with one fierce stroke. Plus, GutsMan can enhance his strength by using the ‘Power Up’ technique. However, this technique drains both energy and patience, so it should be used carefully.

Net Navis ElecMan and WoodMan are also useful allies. ElecMan sets enemies ablaze using electric charges, while WoodMan fights with tree-borne weapons like leaves and twigs.

IceMan may be cool, but Burner Man is sure to burn him if they ever meet!


FrostMan is a strategic Net Navi to ally with when battling Burner Man. His ice-based attacks can handle the enemy’s heat blasts and his defense is strong. AquaMan is also a great partner. His water-based abilities put out the flames, plus his speed and evasion skills are helpful in combat. IceMan has ice-based abilities too, which work against Burner Man. He first appeared in Mega Man Battle Network and is popular due to his powerful performance. QuickMan is fast, but not fast enough to outrun the scorching of Burner Man – like a tortoise trying to escape a forest fire.


Quickman is an agile Net Navi, tricky to defeat. Elecman is a good ally – his electric attacks can hit many foes. Topman is also a good choice – his spinning attack dodges Quickman’s moves and does damage. Shadowman’s shadow powers disable Quickman’s movements, making it easier to strike him.

For a winning battle against Quickman, pick allies with diverse skills. Counter Quickman’s speed and agility. Then victory will be yours soon! Or else, Burner Man’s fiery temper will get you!


To beat Burner Man in Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon, use the Network 4 Blue Moon system. Utilize battle chips to your advantage and consider Burner Man’s weaknesses. Focus on damaging his volcano panels and use Aqua Sword or Elec Sword to cause critical damage.

Manipulate Burner Man’s movement. Change the battlefield layout with chips like Ice Ball or Panel Out. This gives you the chance to land a decisive blow.

For success, use a blend of strategies during battles with Burner Man. Plan moves, use element-based chip attacks, and control terrain changes. With this, you can defeat your foe and progress through the game.